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Thank you dropping in! For someone who really wants to learn Bansuri, you are at the right place to learn it in the easiest way! I'm glad you found me.

Through this celestial instrument, you would experience the true Hindustani music legacy that’s sure to transcend you to a meditative state – A state that would immerse you in the ocean of bliss!

Well, anyone can learn to play the Bansuri – provided you have a passion for music, a dedicated time with a perfect blend of patience. The learning lessons have been carefully crafted for all skill levels. I would provide you the roadmap and you provide the practice!

As good Bansuri instructor I can assess the learner’s current technical level, and then develop exercises to refine and master the instrument.

If you can combine knowledge with a solid practice schedule and the real goals you've set for yourself, then you're on your way to embark on this beautiful musical journey. So why wait? Let’s get started with this amazing musical journey!

ABOUT ME ______

I have a powerfully expressive, physically tangible response to wonderful music, and as my acumen developed I became
continually inquisitive as to what separated great music making from the merely competent. My inquiry eventually led me to
learning flute at a very young age with Shri R.N. Hedge and Shri Prabhakar Bhat from Sirsi. They were the first to show me
the enormous world of instrumental sonority inherent in the Bansuri.

I continued my learning process under the guidance Pandit. Venkatesh Godkhindi. In the playing of late Pandit. Raghunath Seth, a renowned international flutist from Mumbai, I found that magical, musical expression and transcendental technical execution of the Bansuri. He possessed all the qualities I have been seeking! So since 2000, my career as a flutist has been enriched with valuable guidance of late Pandit. Raghunath Seth. I strongly believe that one must fan that spark of desire, the essential fuel for all musical expeditions. The drive to create must come from within – no one can predict or devise the chemistry that makes a successful musician. Art is a unique and powerful communication, a joint effort between people, and it is in the teaching relationship that many of these transformational processes first see the light of day. This transformation empowers you to activate the passion for music in a practical way.

I have cherished my achievement while I shared the first prize award along with three artists, in the national level instrumental music competition organized by Padmabhushan Smt.Dr.N.Rajam of Omkarnath Music foundation Mumbai in 2004. With over 15 years of experience, I take pride in teaching over 500 students and many of my students have been successfully thriving in the music industry till date. The numerous nationwide concerts that I have attended has been a remarkable experience and an opportunity to tangibly manifest a musician’s yearning dreams of entertaining music lovers. Many prominent artists have graced the concerts with me. Here are some of the notable concerts that I have been involved:

Learn BANSURI ______

With technology and tradition coming together to carry forward the music legacy we offer regular and online courses.

Prerequisites of learning Bansuri:
No age limit. Interest in the instrument, curiosity to discover the joy of learning and a dedicated time to practice.

Regular Course

Regular courses are provided once or twice a week based on the learner's need and interest. We also provide a consulting lesson with a prior appointment.

Online Course

AThe online Bansuri lessons are conducted through Skype for anyone from anywhere in the world. All online lessons are conducted individually through one on one basis and are customized for each student based on a mutually convenient time. Learners need to take prior appointment to schedule the classes.





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